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My 25 Project Challenge

1) Silk ribbon roses on 2 wedding cards -DONE! (1/1/07) and DONE! (11/3/07)
2) Red Dragon Bookmark (Dracolair) - DONE! (2/2/07)
3) L from Q&E Elephant alphabet as b'day card - DONE! (15/3/07)
4) Enough! - my own design - DONE! (20/4/07)
5) "March" Challenge piece - DONE! (5/4/07)
6) You Were Hatched (TW) - DONE! (20/4/07)
7) Beginner White Work Ornament TW - DONE! (27/4/07)
8) Intermediate White Work Ornament (TW) - DONE! (27/4/07)

9) The Enchanter (TW) - DONE! (19/4/07)
10) "May" Challenge piece - DONE! (26/5/07)
11) Stretch (TW) - DONE! (25/6/07)
12) "July" challenge piece -
DONE! (19/7/07)
13) Two little cover kits -
DONE! (19/9/07)
14) Pride (Mary Hickmott) -
DONE! (22/9/07)
15) Aranjia (Mary Hickmott) -
DONE! (22/9/07)
16) Forest Friends (Mary Hickmott -
DONE! (22/9/07)
17) Orange Dragon - DONE! (??/10/07)
18) Begijnhof (Papilion) - DONE! (16/11/07)
19) "November" challenge piece - DONE! (22/11/07)

20) Companions (TW) - DONE! (24/11/07)
21) The Star Gazer (Garry D Hanner) - DONE! (1/12/07)
22) "September" challenge piece - DONE! (29/12/07)

23) Wizard bookmark (Cross My Heart) - DONE! (3/2/08)
24) Six christmas decorations from a piece of sparkley red felt
25) That ENORMOUS french knot picture I started 10 years ago! UFO - at least, I have to make progress on it!
26) Home is Where my Honey Is kit (DMC) - DONE! (15/12/07)
27) "One" - January challenge piece -DONE! (4/2/08)
28) Camelot Sampler (TW) - WISP for TW Mondays
29) Magestic peacock (Lena Liu for Dimensions) - WIP at 31 Jan 08
30) "Humid" - March challenge piece
31) Lanarte kit of a cat
32) Dani the Stitching Dragon (Dragon Dreams)
33) Green dragon bookmark (Dracolair)
34 - 49) Alternative Reality (HAED from the art of Josephine Wall; 15 complete pages and 9 partials...)
50) A Hungarian Embroidery needlecase kit (Debora Love)
51) Freebie fractal bookmark
52) Fantasy Tryptich (TW)

BiMonthly wordbased Fibre Art Challenge

After looking at some creative art/ photography memes and at the definition of a meme, and thinking again of some of my creative stitching ideas, an idea suddenly came together: A Stitching and Blogging Challenge Meme!

This challenge is quite different to our Wagon Challenges. This is based on the little kits of funky things put together by and for stitching groups where you have to incorporate a set amount of the contents into an embroidery. I'm not putting together funky little kits, and at this stage I'm not even specifying a colour or object that has to be included. Rather, it's a theme:

Before the end of March 2008, make a little something that means "HUMID". It can be as big or small as you like, use any fibre art technique (so weaving, knitting, sewing, embroidery, lace-making, silk-painting, WHATEVER!) and use any materials (so you can be as stash-only or stash-aholic as you like). But be creative! What does the word "one" say to you? (N.B. You can take any direction you like to explore the meaning of the word, and the word does not have to appear in any kind of text form if you don't want it to.)

Previously I challenged myself anyone who reads this (no one!) to make something that meant "One".
One line, one colour, one stitch:

Most recent WIP Picture

Camelot Sampler is my Mondays with TW project. It's not seeing that much love but here is a photo after about 2 months:

For Finish-It-February I'm now starting on those Christmas ornaments.... no photos yet though.

My other current WIP is my Guilt-free January start, Majestic Peacocky by Lena Liu for Dimensions. This is my progress at the end of the month:

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Purrs and Snarls

  1. There is a new angel in heaven

    09/14/11 12:06:44 | 0 Comments

    A terrible tragedy has occurred in my home city.....  a young, talented artiste has died aged just 15......    I can't forget the beautiful piece...

    Angel of Hope

    Sidonie.....  my Angel of Hope will be for you...

    Rest in Peace Dear One..  I hope I can bring comfort to those who have loved you with my gift.


  2. There are days...

    10/23/08 23:02:37 | 0 Comments


    There are days
    There are days when your life clouds over
    And the world gets so dark
    That all at once you can't tell night from day

    There are times
    When your heart cries this isn't happening
    But the truth is...
  3. 10 years

    09/21/08 10:15:07 | 0 Comments

    It's been 10 years today....
    It seems like yesterday...

    You know the funny thing? The one thing I really needed to know, I never thought to ask.... How did you go on? I never saw you grieve, but I'm sure you remembered your parents every single day as I...
  4. Country Show Success

    08/23/08 09:33:58 | 0 Comments

    Behold the Ina Waddell Memorial Prize winner at the Mary Valley Show, 2008 for champion piece of needlecraft.
    I am shocked! I am humbled! And I'm indebted to the designers at Dracolair for creating this wonderful design that so caught the judges...
  5. First thoughts on "humid"

    02/08/08 22:51:18 | 0 Comments

    Wiktionary tells me that "humid" comes from the Old French "humide" and means "damp" or "containing moisture". We all know that! Especially in SE Queensland today!

    Etymonline is more forthcoming as usual. The old French comes from the latin "humidus" formed from "humus" (earth) and "umidis" from "umere" (be moist).

    Clever cross stitch designers like Mary Hickmott or Lena Liu are able to capture...

Most Recent Finish

Wizard from Cross My Heart Inc.

More details here.


A bit about me

I really don't know how to describe myself!!! The current description my fiance and I are giggling over is "farmer's wife"! DF and I live on a 107 acre property in the heart of the Mary Valley which is about 2 hours north of Brisbane (in the middle of the east coast of Australia; 1000km or 600 miles north of Sydney and nowhere near Perth). Our farm has been neglected for a few years but we're repairing everything and trying to bring our 800 Kensington Pride (Bowen) mango trees back into production.

The family consists of me, DF (aka MrA), DSS (aka Mr14), occasionally 3 other step-children and a visiting stallion. (I love horses and used to have my own TBred gelding, but this poor old Noble Stallion is getting very lonely and cranky and we're all not getting along very well.) Hopefully we'll be hosting a herd of self-propelled, grass-cutting fertilisers (i.e. the neighbour's cows) soon too.

We'll be moving back to Brisbane for Mr14's schooling this year so I'm job hunting. I trained as an accademic scientist and I've worked at universities in New Haven, Connecticut and Leeds, UK but I'm now looking for more desk-based work, focussing on the areas of regulatory affairs, copy-writing, or administration.

I've been stitching seriously since I was about 10 years old. My Mum sent me to a class at the Embroiderer's Guild of Queensland (the last year that they used the South Brisbane Town Hall) and I was hooked! I love all forms of embroidery particularly black work, hardanger and creative canvas work but my main thing at the moment is cross stitch. One day I plan to learn stump work and crewel as well. I love needlepainting, for example the work of Lesley Turpin-Delport and Verina Warren. My favourite cross stitch designs are fantasy and sampler patterns, particularly those by Teresa Wentzler, Dragon Dreams and Dracolair.

My other interests include watching Formula1, V8 Supercars and other motorspot. I'm now a CAMS Communications Official as DF and I provide radio communication support to the Australian Rally Championship (among many other long-distance events) when it comes to Imbil. We'll be supporting the WRC when that moves to Queensland so I'm really looking forward to meeting those superstars at the start! (I chat on F1 BBs a fair bit too.) Obviously I love Jaguar cars and have a keen interest in Amateur Radio and will be taking my exams to get my licence soon (ish!). The only other craft I could say I "do" is scrap cards from time to time. I really enjoy it but I can't see myself scrapbooking.

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